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Please address enquiries to: e: orders@droitwich.net p: 10 Mosel Drive Droitwich Spa Worcestershire WR9 8DB
About DroitwichNet DroitwichNet is an EdTech Consultancy owned by Duncan Peberdy. Duncan works with Universities and Colleges on the development of technology enabled learning spaces. In 2015, Duncan established the highly successful Sticky Campus Roadshow, a pop-up small group active collaborative learning space fully equipped with wireless collaboration tools and specialist technical furniture. This roadshow (initially called the Digital Classroom Roadshow) ran for five years, and was fully integrated into Jisc in 2018. The roadshow was hosted by 23 universities, 9 FE colleges, and supported 11 Conferences. Over 7,000 participants came to active learning workshops. In July 2020, Duncan’s new project, Learn From Anywhere, promotes the human side of distance learning. In 2020, Duncan has also delivered a report on Higher Education commissioned by one of the world’s leading technology companies.
Duncan Peberdy DroitwichNet Limited 10 Mosel Drive Droitwich Spa Worcestershire WR9 8DB e: duncan@droitwich.net m: +44 (0)7887 628567 DroitwichNet Limited is a company incorporated in England & Wales Company Registration No. 12721630
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